How can I help healthcare professionals?

Smokers, please do support us in our fight against the coronavirus!
Reducing your cigarette consumption will significantly relieve our workload.
Now it's us who needs your help! Every unsmoked cigarette helps.

More beds available

Thousands of hospital beds made available in the coming months.

Less emergency admissions

30 minutes of front-line doctors’ and nurses’ work saved every day.

Help us now

This is the best time to quit. Support your healthcare professionals when they need it.


How does it work? How exactly can smokers help increase the number of places available in hospitals? Find out more…

Hořící cigareta

What will help me quit?

I will go ahead with my friends; we will support each other.

I will download the popular Quitnow App (free of charge).
I will find tips and tricks on this website:
I will seek advice in a pharmacy.

I am a non-smoker wanting to help, too

I will encourage smokers I know to quit. I will download the leaflet.

I will support smokers in quitting, buy them chewing gums, cook something nice for them, be kind to them…
For cutting down on smoking is hard work and keeping at it is a heroic achievement!

For businesses

We invite you to create your own motivation plan for your smokers, support our campaign, spread the word or get in touch if you want to support us.

Nothing can ever make me quit

Enter only if you are not afraid we might convince you.

Prof. MUDr. Eva Králíková, CSc.

president, Society for Tobacco Addiction Treatment

Prof. MUDr. Aleš Linhart, DrSc.

president, Czech Society of Cardiology (CSC)

Prof. MUDr. Michal Vrablík, Ph.D.

president, Czech Association of Preventive Cardiology, CSC

Get in touch

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